T-Systems deploys dataspace prototype for global markets

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Living Lab and Open Telekom Cloud pave the way for safe global data sharing

Bonn - August 28, 2023. T-Systems teams up with various partners around the globe to enable global dataspace prototypes based on open-source software from Eclipse Foundation and Gaia-X – the first success in this manner is the deployment of a sandbox environment (T-Systems Living Lab) on Open Telekom Cloud. This enables industry players to safely experiment with data exchange concepts according to European values. For many industry verticals, this represents an important step towards the globalization of dataspaces – joining forces with the Catena-X expansion into Asia, T-Systems’ dataspaces business is also accelerating its internationalization and is now working on functioning partnerships in Asia following its important expansion to North America, US).

Global economy needs functioning and trusted global dataspaces

We live in a global economy, so in order to secure the competitiveness of European companies, the path towards trustful global partnerships will be crucial. Working on a common understanding of the US, China, Japan, and other regions will support ensuring European values in global dataspaces, allowing compliant cross-border data exchange. It will – among other potentials – allow companies to digitalize their global supply chains. 

Safe ecosystems to foster new innovative revenue streams at a global scale

For such prototypes, T-Systems provides its sandbox environment for app development, LivingLab, and its Open Telekom Cloud combined with a dataspace-as-a-service approach. Dataspaces are data communication networks, not storage systems. Those provide unique protection mechanisms for data providers to maintain the power to control their data rights, which enable novel data products such as cross-organizational digital twins. These, in turn, make new applications possible, such as carbon footprint tracking and material traceability.


Image 1. Living Lab at glance

Such dataspace prototypes enable the concrete, measurable outcomes of global data-sharing business models. However, since no company would experiment with its most valuable resource - data - it is important to test and verify the security mechanisms of dataspaces. To this end, T-Systems provides a ready-to-deploy sandbox - in other words, an isolated test environment - to pave the way for a secure, data-driven business future. The prototype is ready today for quick testing and PoC developments, with planned full operations by the end of 2023. This schedule allows companies to collectively develop their own applications locally. 

Background on common standards and European Values

The Eclipse Foundation provides a mature, scalable, and business-friendly environment for open-source software collaboration and innovation, and it is the home of important open-source projects, including dataspace components. Global partners will contribute the learning and development from this prototype back to the community. 

Gaia-X is a project focused on the development of a federation of data infrastructure and service providers to provide a framework for data exchange based on common rules and standards, ensuring data protection, privacy, and security.  It was launched in Europe with the clear goal of allowing global, compliant data exchange, ensuring the data sovereignty of data owners.


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