ASMD2024: Putting AI to work – experts, practitioners, ecosystems

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T-Systems International (TSI) focused its 12th Automotive Suppliers' & Manufacturers' Day (ASMD2024) on artificial intelligence (AI). As a leading information and communication technology vendor of the European auto industry (Fuchslocher 2022, Stroh 2022; TSI is No 1 again, link) TSI invited its clients and guests to meet with AI experts to link AI with the firm’s various initiatives: Dataspaces and Catena-X, RISE with SAP®, Industrial Metaverse, Application Lifecycle Management and software-defined factories. 

Figure 1: Kickoff, ecosystems at Mercedes-Benz and with Catena-X 

A congress in Germany’s automotive heartland 

ASMD2024 was hosted at VfB Stuttgart Soccer Lounge. Stuttgart is widely considered the center of Germany’s automotive heartland, home to automakers Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, as well as the world’s leading automotive tier 1 supplier Bosch (AN 2023). The venue, located in the VIP area of the VfB soccer club’s stadium, featured a main stage, a marketplace with solutions, and facilities for breakout and co-creation sessions. The lounge setup, open access to the stadium, stadium tours, and an intermezzo by former German national team soccer player and VfB Stuttgart legend Claudemir Jerônimo Cacau, created a perfect atmosphere for networking and spontaneous one-on-one discussions. 

Resurgence of ecosystems: Quo vadis AI in automotive? 

AI, exemplified by ChatGPT's remarkable usability and effectiveness, has surged into the mainstream with readily available pre-trained models. Consequently, it's unsurprising that companies are turning to AI for enhanced process efficiency through intelligent automation. However, hurdles persist, including traditional concerns over data protection and legal ambiguity, as well as a lack of internal AI and data engineering capabilities. This is where the resurgence of business ecosystems comes into play: Leveraging new digital infrastructure, such as clouds and dataspaces, enables seamless workflows and automation across organizational boundaries, facilitating fast and asset-light co-creation of solutions with external AI and data experts. This approach holds the potential for high returns with quick break-even points. 

Focused knowledge exchange 

To navigate these complexities, companies must assess AI readiness and internal capability building requirements to integrate AI seamlessly with existing IT frameworks and corporate strategies. ASMD2024 offered a platform for practitioners to delve into these issues with AI experts, exploring applications in the automotive industry and its intersections with other IT disciplines such as dataspaces, digitalization, and application lifecycle management. 

Impressions from our presentations and showfloor 

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Chris S. Langdon

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