Data treasure, not digital graveyards

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Virtually every company, regardless of its target market, aims to leverage competitive advantages, cut costs and optimize processes. In this sense, companies with the ability to analyze, interpret and use data through integration into their process chains would have an immanent growth lever in their hands.

In two years, up to 33 percent of the “digital universe” will consist of unused information, according to the IDC many companies don’t know what to do about this. Their dilemma: how do they get access to the data and how do they use it properly to generate (shareholder) value?

Deutsche Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) offers a way to thread this tricky needle.

To learn more about this topic and how you can use unused information by AI tools, continue reading HERE.

Sven Löffler
Sven Löffler

Tribe & Chapter Lead Data Intelligence Hub​

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