Your data, your rules: T-Systems and AWS empowering your control!

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T-Systems International and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces in a strategic collaboration aimed to address challenges faced by customers related to data abuse cases. 

While data lakes and spaces have become integral components of modern data strategies, achieving true data liberation and control remains a challenge. T-Systems' expertise, combined with AWS's technology, addresses this gap by offering a secure and reliable platform for cross-organizational data sharing. 

Start sharing data - on your own terms 

Through our offering, we unlock the value of your data, give you the power to connect to any dataspace and keep the control of your data. The Connect Offering facilitates easy participation in data ecosystems, Digital.ID enhances trustworthiness, and the LivingLab Sandbox empowers customers to build their own dataspaces and applications. Moreover, the integration of T-Systems Gaia-X digital Clearing House further ensures Gaia-X Conformity for participants and services, aligning with the highest standards of security and sovereignty. 

As part of AWS Partner Network, T-Systems brings its innovative solutions to the AWS Solutions Library, under analytics processing and data catalog sections. AWS customers can now seamlessly connect to any available dataspace of their choice, exercising control over data access and usage.  

T-Systems and AWS envision a significant leap forward in addressing industry challenges. This collaborative effort aims to empower customers by offering innovative, secure, and seamlessly integrated solutions that align with existing infrastructure and preferences. 


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