T-Systems and Plotly partner to deliver powerful Visualizations

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About T-Systems 

T-Systems accompanies its customers on the path to digitization. As a company, we offer integrated solutions for business customers. At Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary, everything comes from a single source: from secure operation of existing systems and traditional IT and telecommunications services to transformation to the cloud, including international networks. From the demand-driven provision of infrastructure, platforms and software to new business models and innovation projects on the Internet of Things. The basis for this is global reach for fixed and mobile networks, highly secure data centers, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem with standardized platforms and worldwide partnerships, and maximum security. 

T-Systems and Plotly 

Visualizing data and making meaningful and powerful visualizations has always been a challenge data teams faced. To make information available in an understandable format to the right people making decisions, steering the way of the company and shaping its future. Plotly has made it its task to provide easy to use and powerful visualization tools to make it possible to data teams to deploy static or even interactive charts and dashboards without the need for an IT or DevOps team. Even collaborating on projects and creating visualizations together in a team improves efficiency in your workflows, speeds up the production process and reduces costs drastically.? Our data experts have used Plotly in various settings, be it from utilizing its capabilities in the traditional Business Intelligence setting, creating reports and gain insights into product and region-specific performance, all the way to creating complex dashboards that monitor a multitude of variables and allow seeing relationships that were yet unclear beforehand. 

“We are not speaking just about reports/dashboards.  Dash Enterprise helps us to organize and combine our data and make it available to a wider spectrum of colleagues who require some kind of interaction, such as running finite element simulations for specific parameter combinations.” 

Senior Simulations Engineer at High-Performance European Automobile Manufacturer 

Chart Studio

Chart Studio

Chart studio is a powerful tool to visualize your data in a beautiful and simple way and gives data teams the opportunity to quickly create stunning representations of your data with a multitude of different charts and graph types.  

With a powerful support for many languages such as Python, R, Julia, MATLAB, Javascript, Perl, Arduino and REST, you can deliver, share and customize your own visualization. Chart Studio delivers features that give you the ability to create static or interactive charts allowing deeper understanding of the data and better more precise visualizations in the hands of decision makers. 

Dash Enterprise

Dash Enterprise

“Dash Enterprise has expanded S&P Global’s Market Intelligence capabilities to extend insights to our clients efficiently using highly interactive, scientific visualizations.”  

Group Manager – New Product Development & Financial Engineering, S&P Global  

Dash Enterprise is a flexible end-to-end development & deployment platform for low-code analytics and visualization focused web apps, interactive dashboards, and pixel perfect web-based reports.  With increasingly sophisticated Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, unstructured data, predictive analytics and much more dash enterprise fills a gap that is not addressable with traditional business intelligence tools or domain solutions, as organizations increasingly adopt sophisticated and integrated machine ML/AI, unstructured data visualization, and predictive analytics workflows. Dash enterprise provides a wide range of use cases such as interpreting structured / unstructured data, creating predictive models that give you insight into e.g., behavior driven customer churn. It supplies the tools needed to perform forecasting, optimization, anomaly monitoring and BI reporting. 

Delivering powerful and meaningful visualizations on one unified platform? 

Together with Telekom’s Data Intelligence Hub, users are now able to quickly create and deliver visualizations of important discoveries and tell a story with a wide range of visualization techniques offered by Plotly. Furthermore, teams now can work on one unified data analytics platform and produce pixel-perfect dashboards that run advanced analytics & applications, create dynamic reports using interactive dashboards, move faster by deploying and updating Dash apps without an IT or DevOps team, enables you to effortlessly scale using Kubernetes and integrate seamlessly with Databricks and Jupyter Notebooks. 

Acknowledgement: This article was written with support of Sean Bäker during his time as a dual student within the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub.


Chris S. Langdon
Chris S. Langdon

Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager

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