ConnectGo: Dataspaces in your pocket!

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ConnectGo, developed by Telekom Data Intelligence Hub of T-Systems, is a powerful application designed to simplify data sharing across diverse dataspaces. With its intuitive interface, users can seamlessly navigate through various sections, facilitating efficient data management. 

Sovereign data sharing at your fingertips 

ConnectGo offers a comprehensive set of features aimed to streamline data sharing: 

  • Browsing dataspaces: Explore a catalog of dataspaces with detailed descriptions, use cases, and contact information, enabling informed decision-making for participation in data-driven ecosystems.
  • Featured articles: Stay updated with featured articles offering valuable insights into the latest developments within dataspaces.
  • Secure data provisioning: Share data securely with selected dataspaces, ensuring compliance with access and usage policies, guided by a step-by-step process.
  • Profile management: Access personal information, organization memberships, and dataspace affiliations conveniently within the app.
  • Credential management: Visualize and request new credentials verified by digital IDs, enhancing security and access control. 

Navigate, discover and decide with ConnectGo 

ConnectGo empowers users with seamless visualization of the current and potential dataspaces available for participation via the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub, facilitating informed decision-making through detailed descriptions, use cases, and contact information. Additionally, users securely share extracted information and relevant data files with selected dataspaces, nurturing collaboration and driving innovation. 

Furthermore, the application serves as a centralized platform for effective profile management. This includes overseeing organization memberships and corresponding dataspace affiliations, thereby guaranteeing data accuracy and strengthening security measures. Users can effortlessly access and request new credentials, which are verified by their digital IDs, streamlining authentication processes and improving data security. 

Start your journey with us! 

From browsing dataspaces to providing data and managing profiles, ConnectGo offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower users in their data-driven endeavors. Enjoy the app and unlock the full potential of data sharing with ConnectGo! 


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Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia

Junior Business Development Executive - Data Economy