Hannover Messe: Navigating dataspaces across industries

Hannover Messe: Navigating dataspaces across industries

22.–26. April 2024

Hannover Messe: Navigating dataspaces across industries

Hannover Messe is the world's leading industrial trade fair, showcasing solutions for enhanced efficiency and sustainability across industries. With over 4,000 participating companies, the event focuses on key themes including CO2-neutral production, Industry 4.0, AI & machine learning, and energy solutions. The event is taking place from April 22 to 26. Our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub team will present our solutions at various venues: 

Catena-X booth  

Become a trusted partner with Digital.ID and discover how to enable trustful collaboration in dataspaces, ensure regulatory compliance or diminish business risk, among many other benefits. Explore Europe’s initial Gaia-X Digital Clearing House node with Lena Matsela and Tim Wittenberg at Hannover Messe. Digital.ID is your gateway to getting Verifiable Credentials from a Gaia-X-accredited Digital Clearing House. Register here! 

Date and location: April 22-26 - BMWK booth, hall 8, stand D26  

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility booth  

Join us at Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility stand to explore the impact of data sharing on intermodal travel with Lenny Hofmann and Ralf Konrad. Witness the upgrade of RealLabHH into Base-X, and discover how this initiative is not just reshaping the future for citizens, mobility providers, and cities but also pioneering the dataspace-as-a-service model. This development harnesses the multiple benefits of data sharing, all underpinned by Gaia-X's innovative technology framework.  

Learn about the journey from RealLabHH, a previous winner of the "Innovation Lab Award" by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to a thriving development sandbox with integrated dataspace. It enables the experimentation of ideas, the building of prototypes, and the testing of new technologies and business concepts under real-life conditions across all domains. Join us to see how our commitment to innovation and collaboration has led to the creation of a sustainable, service-oriented dataspace business.

Date and location: April 22-26 - BMWK booth, hall 8 

Umati booth  

Empower your manufacturing journey with insights from Umati, the universal interface that connects not only machines, but entire production worlds based on European dataspace standards (GAIA-X & IDSA), at the Hannover Messe. Experience Umati in action on our interactive multitouch table, showcasing seamless communication between machines and dataspaces within our application development environment with dataspace capabilities (LivingLab).  

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights into semantically standardized production information and its role in fostering innovative business models. See firsthand the technological evolution of Umati in Factory-X, illustrating how seamless integration with dataspaces elevates efficiency and agility in the manufacturing industry by displaying machine data (MQTT) through the OPC-UA client. Discover how we are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape at Hannover Messe!

Date and location: April 22-26 - Hall 8, stand D16/1 

IPCEI-CIS booth 

IPCEI-CIS (Important Project of Common European Interest – Cloud-Infrastructure and Service), is a key project within the EU to foster Cloud and Edge Infrastructure across Europe. It is aimed at strengthening Europe's digital and technological sovereignty and developing a powerful and sustainable "Multi-Provider Cloud-Edge Continuum" across 12 Member States. These revolutionary infrastructure & services will transform cloud and edge markets by enabling seamless integration of various data processing solutions to support novel applications like autonomous driving or tele-medicine.  

Visit Nina Popanton on April 25 and 26 at the joint stand of Plattform Industrie 4.0 and Gaia-X to explore the latest developments in industrial innovation and next-generation data ecosystems. In collaboration with Gaia-X Hub Germany, Gaia-X AISBL, discover groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of data infrastructure and cloud ecosystems. 

Date and location: April 22-26 - Hall 8, stand D26 

Value creation through dataspaces – Catena-X in practice 

Gain deep insights into the transformative journey of Catena-X, the pioneering open and collaborative data ecosystem for the automotive industry. Join Oliver Ganser (Catena-X & BMW), Thomas Rösch (Cofinity-X), and Sven Löffler (TSI) on a panel discussion moderated by Anja Misselbeck (Catena-X) as they discuss the business values, practical applications fueling Catena-X's evolution, and how to get started successfully. 

Date and location: April 22, 16:35-17:10 – Hall 8, stand D17 

Benefiting from decentralized data to overcome silos in mobility: An in-depth look at Base-X 

Explore the potential of Base-X in bridging existing data infrastructures with Gaia-X-compliant dataspaces. Join Dr. Tina Wagner (Freie und Hamsestadt Hamburg), Kai Meinke (deltaDAO AG), Andreas Kahman (msg DAVID GmbH), Chris S. Langdon (TSI), Dennis Weilmann (Stadt Wolfsburg) on the panel discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Frank Köster (DLR) and delve into the scalability and transformative capabilities of decentralized data ecosystems. 

Date and location: April 23 14:00-14:40 – Hall 8, stand 17 

Best Practice: Be part as SME in the Catena-X ecosystem! 

Discover how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can thrive within the Catena-X ecosystem, driving optimization and sustainability in the automotive value chain. Through real-world examples presented by Sascha Leidig (TSI) and Matthias Kurrle (CTT Plating), understand the seamless integration facilitated by T-Systems' Connect&Integrate solution. 

Date and location: April 25, 11:10-11:30 – Hall 8, stand D17 

How to make your apps fit for mobility dataspaces with sandboxes 

Maximize the potential of new mobility dataspaces with T-Systems. Explore the LivingLab Sandbox and discover how it quickly facilitates scalable implementations of real-world applications, ensuring full data sovereignty and removing dataspace complexities. Join the session and gain insights from Chris S. Langdon (TSI) on how LivingLab has contributed to Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility, transitioning from debate to practical experimentation, building prototypes, testing new technologies and business concepts under real-world conditions. 

Date and location: April 26, 15:05-15:25 - Hall 14, Stand H06 

We invite you to join us at Hannover Messe 2024, where you can explore the latest advancements in dataspaces and connect with industry leaders. Let's shape the future together! In the meantime, visit our website and contact us! 


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